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What is a “casado”?

It has nothing to do with a sentimental situation, at least in Costa Rica. Talking about “casado” means a traditional dish of food served with rice, beans, plantains and beef, fish, chicken or pork.

Would you like to try it with a turquoise ocean view and white sand beach as a witness?

Our staff will take care of your lunch in Tortuga Island and you can experience the real taste of local fresh food.

There is nothing better than visiting a country with awake senses. Don’t miss trying local food. Through the typical dishes of each country, we have an x-ray of their culture, identity, history, their ancestors and their customs.

Our tour begins at Los Sueños Resort & Marina early in the morning in Playa Herradura, includes free breakfast, Margaritas and Rhum Punch and also lunch is included once we arrive on the Island.

Pamper your senses

After sailing about 45 minutes through the crystal waters of the Gulf of Nicoya, we will arrive at the Island and you will be able to enjoy different activities included on the tour.

Without a doubt, lunch is the time when family and friends share the table to enjoy food, a relaxed moment, strengthen ties, meet new people and try our  freshly made food.

Why it is called “Casado” is still a mystery, although there are several versions. The strongest is “sodas” (small typical Costa Rican restaurant), prepared abundant dishes so that the workers who arrived to the capital San José, felt like been at home.

Another version is everything that can be combined or “marry” with rice, so it can go with different types of meals or salads.

What does a “Casado” have?

The traditional CASADO content 3 or 4 tablespoons of rice, black or red beans, salad, plantains and your choice of meat, chicken fish or pork.

Salads can bring vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, yucca or potato. Or it can be a salad with “pico de gallo” that is a mixture of tomato, onion and lemon juice.

Also, Casado, include pasta: from macaroni to cannelloni or cold snail salad with mayonnaise.

Casado is a mestizo dish, which represents the indigenous, African and European union, the 3 great gastronomic and cultural influences of Costa Rica.

It integrates the rice brought by the Spaniards, the beans consumed by the natives and Africans; the pasta contributed by the Italians and the mincemeat inspired by the Spanish stews.

Nutritious Lunch

With all these influences, our lunch is ideal to recover energy after your catamaran tour, banana boat ride, the hiking or diving activities. Your food will be ready with the best quality ingredients on the market, fresh and specially selected for you to enjoy a meal prepared with love, with the best Ocean Pacific views.

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