The Costa Cat experience at Isla Tortuga

The Perks of the Green Season in Costa Rica

The Perks of the Green Season

If you’re someone who does their research regarding the weather before traveling, then you’ll see why “Green Season” is a particularly special time to travel to Costa Rica.  May to November Months Costa Rica is a country with two, well-defined seasons. We enjoy the dry season from December to April

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Costa Rica, I definitely want it!

The empty Central Pacific beaches can turn into the most romantic spot you’ve ever seen. Aboard a deluxe catamaran with your partner, family and friends, live the best adventure of your lives together. The perfect scene In the last decade, Costa Rica has become a destiny chosen by the couples

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Costa Cat Catamaran - Birthday Party


Several weeks have passed since I celebrated my birthday aboard the Costa Cat and I keep sharing pictures and amazing anecdotes with my friends. I know the excitement we experienced in this trip to Isla Tortuga (Turtle Island) will last for the rest of our lives. Straight to the heart.

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Secluded beaches in Costa Rica

The Most Epic Secluded Costa Rican Beaches

Are you ready to experience the most exhilarating adventure of your life? Climb aboard our luxurious catamaran that has serviced over 80,000 passengers since its maiden voyage in 2017. Access an incredible selection of secluded beaches on our “Lonely Beaches”  Tour and feel alive with the thrill of discovering a

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Sunset Catamaran Tour!

Get Closer to the Sunset! When it gets dark in Costa Rica, no matter what day it is, tourists and locals alike run to admire one of the most beautiful shows that the Universe gives us. Sunset! Now, imagine if you could enjoy it from the front row, as the

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A Trip to Saint Lucas Island!

The perfect combination of nature, sea, history and culture. It’s often difficult to find the perfect destination that caters to every member of the group. Saint Lucas Island, however, offers the perfect combination that is sure to make everyone in the group happy. Why? Let me tell you! Saint Lucas

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What is a “casado”?

It has nothing to do with a sentimental situation, at least in Costa Rica. Talking about “casado” means a traditional dish of food served with rice, beans, plantains and beef, fish, chicken or pork. Would you like to try it with a turquoise ocean view and white sand beach as

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The uninhabited Tortuga Island

Costa Rica has a unique biodiversity in the world. Different shades of greens and natural treasures can be seen with naked eye. Can you stay for one day on an uninhabited island? Have you ever felt this sensation? You might be able to visit, but you can’t stay long… Travel

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Snorkeling, vibe in a different habitat

To soak your feet in salty water makes you feel different, imagine having the experience of diving completely and snorkeling, how it will make you feel! A professional guide will teach you how to use all the tools and from there be ready to live an exciting experience at our

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Why spend your day on the Tortuga Island Tour?

If you ever pictured paradise on earth, surely that photo had an island with palm trees, blue sea and white sand. Maybe you even visualized yourself drinking coconut water while enjoying a perfect day relaxing in your swimsuit. This vision could materialize if you dare to take the Tortuga Island

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jim kitchell, captain of the costa cat cruise

Welcome to Captain’s Corner

Our first official blog entry! We wanted to take an opportunity to share some of our experiences with you! As Captains of Costa Cat, we have seen it all! In this section you can check out some of our ocean tales and experiences.  I’m Captain Jim Kitchell, co-owner and operator

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