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The uninhabited Tortuga Island

Costa Rica has a unique biodiversity in the world. Different shades of greens and natural treasures can be seen with naked eye. Can you stay for one day on an uninhabited island? Have you ever felt this sensation?

You might be able to visit, but you can’t stay long…

Travel with  Costa Cat to this Pacific pearl called Isla Tortuga, located in the Gulf of Nicoya. We arrive in a 55-foot Catamaran, from Los Sueños Resort & Marina, in Herradura Beach and sail for 45 minutes to reach the Island. There we will spend the day, have lunch and there will be options to rest or continue with different activities such as the banana boat, hiking or snorkeling, which are included in our day-tour.

Ready to see

Once we arrive, we have to be attentive. There are so many species of animals that reproduce and born on the Island and are witnesses of each of our visits. For those who are not familiar with seeing animals in their natural habitat, it may take a little longer to find them, but then, with the help of our guides, you can discover where these species hide and live.

White-tailed deer, iguanas, birds and a variety of marine and wildlife fauna, make Isla Tortuga a treasure with pristine beaches, where once lived Costa Rican indigenous, Huétares, with impressive natural reserves and life shelters for these animals.

Underwater treasures

The Alcatraz and Tolinga Islands, both known as Turtle Island, for their similar contour to this animal, are covered by abundant corals, rocky pinnacles and caves, which become one of the most admired points for professional divers who visit Costa Rica.

During the trip you might see dolphins, turtles, whales and countless different fish or birds as part of our famous biodiversity on Central Pacific.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to spend a relaxed day or immerse yourself in adventure that will make you spend an unforgettable day. When you hire the Tortuga Island tour with Costa Cat, everything is included for the same price!

Your personal ride

Ask about our private tours, specially designed for your group of friends. Or, you can also join our tour early in the morning, have lunch on the island and return in the afternoon to Herradura Beach.

On the way 

Since we left the Marina, our catamaran has two ways to travel. One is in our comfortable, air-conditioned cabin, with first-class airline-style seats, a double-hull design for a smooth cruise, watching the landscape through large windows. Or you can travel outside, enjoying the sun, the mist and the sea air. As if we were on a motorcycle, the journey begins when you gets on board and there is so much to observe.

Reserve now

Once aboard the Costa Cat, you can leave all worries behind. Our staff will take care of your safety, food and all the details,  so you only have to enjoy your vacation. We will serve you coffee, water, soda, Rum Punch, Margaritas and an exquisite meal. Your day in paradise is guaranteed

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