The Perks of the Green Season

The Perks of the Green Season in Costa Rica

If you’re someone who does their research regarding the weather before traveling, then you’ll see why “Green Season” is a particularly special time to travel to Costa Rica. 

May to November Months

Costa Rica is a country with two, well-defined seasons. We enjoy the dry season from December to April and the rainy season, or the “green” season, from May to November.

Just because you’ve chosen to plan your trip during the rainy season, doesn’t mean that you’ll be bound to your hotel room watching the raindrops roll off the window all day! In our region of the Central Pacific, it rains for a couple of hours each day, and typically the rain comes during the night. The temperature is still nice and warm, and if we start the day off grey then we are almost always guaranteed to end the day with a spectacular sunset.  There is a well-known Tico saying that translates, “dark morning, safe afternoon.”

Advantages of the Green Season

Don’t wait for the dry season to take your vacation to Costa Rica, or experience a catamaran excursion visiting the famous Tortuga Island or Isla San Lucas National Wildlife Refuge. Why come during the green season? It’s called “green” for a reason! The rains help the plants to flourish, the fruit grows, and more animals come out! Costa Rica becomes leafy and exuberant and it is also the best time for sightings of marine life!  From July to November is the best time to see whales, which come to birth their calves in the Osa Peninsula.

Green season means that the temperature stays cooler, and the sun is not as strong; although we always recommend the use of sunscreen, especially for sensitive skin.

Everything is Cheaper!

Another great advantage of traveling in the green season is that everything is cheaper! The accommodations are cheaper, plane tickets, and entry to most tourist sites and excursions are discounted.

Our catamaran trips are no exception! We have special offers so that both adults and children don’t miss the opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful corners of our country.

Isla Tortuga is only a 45 minute cruise from Playa Herradura. Once we arrive, there are several fun activities offered, such as snorkeling or a banana boat ride. These activities are included in the price of the excursion and are so much fun to share with your family or friends.

Less People

Typically coinciding with school or spring breaks in the US, the dry season always brings a lot of people to the beaches, restaurants and even supermarkets in Costa Rica. This is why the green season is a great time to come! Especially for those who like to enjoy solitary landscapes, observe nature silently, and listen to the animals, frogs and birds gloating with happiness after a good rain.

Experiencing a tropical forest while it’s raining is a truly unique experience. Although the temperature is a little less hot than in the dry season, it is always warm here; meaning that getting wet doesn’t mean getting cold! 

The green season temperatures are super inviting, allowing you to experience all that you want to while in Costa Rica, without being bound to your air-conditioned room.

The Fun Begins at Los Sueños

Just a 1 ½ hour drive from San José, Los Sueños Resort & Marina in Playa Herradura is where we set sail for this beautiful adventure.

The entire Costa Cat crew will guide you in the right direction and can set up a group or private tour complete with half or full-day fun, snacks, meals, drinks and more! 

We are the best way to experience beautiful beaches and landscapes, good music, cocktails and service. Rest assured that your every need will be taken care of when our crew is looking after you! 

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Or write to us at • WhatsApp +506 8390 7070 so that we can design the tour of your dreams!

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