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The empty Central Pacific beaches can turn into the most romantic spot you’ve ever seen. Aboard a deluxe catamaran with your partner, family and friends, live the best adventure of your lives together.

The perfect scene

In the last decade, Costa Rica has become a destiny chosen by the couples for getting married — opulent weddings in 5-star hotels to beach weddings, bare feet, flower-decorated arches and cascades, blue sea and white sands. Thanks to its beautiful natural scenes and climate, our country has been chosen by many couples as the perfect place for celebrating their union.

Getting married in such a beautiful place is the dream of any bride. The Gulf of Nicoya thus becomes the perfect witness for your celebration thanks all to its navigable sites.

In this gem of the Central Pacific, nature is inspiring all over, with virgin tropical jungles, uninhabited islands, which magically match a lovely background of orange tones created by the sunset.

Living “pura vida”

That’s what we invite you to do when you take any of our tours: Living “Pura Vida” (pure life) at its best. What does it mean really? Enjoying the tour, our special service and attention to our passengers and having no concern but having fun.

At arriving in Costa Rica, you will hear one of the most common expressions here: “Pura Vida”. But it’s not only a simple expression but a lifestyle meaning a lot, and you can feel it since you land in Tiquicia.

If someone asks you: “How are you?” you can answer: “PURA VIDA.” Instead of saying “Thank you,” saying “PURA VIDA” is also the best answer.

And when local people recommend our tours saying that they are “PURA VIDA”, it’s because being one of the 60,000 passengers who have experienced our catamaran navigation, you become part of our family, visiting incredible places and living an enriching experience with your family and friends.

For that reason, we invite you to plan your travel with Costa Cat because we can organize a tour to empty beaches, the Tortuga Island, a tour to see the sunset from our catamaran and partying in beaches most renowned and admired by the Costa Ricans themselves.

Crew leading

As part of this pure life, you don’t need much planning or making lunchboxes. When you reserve our tours, we schedule breakfast, snacks, lunches, and drinks, including margaritas or tropical cocktails with rum, for you to enjoy the day, without spending the previous day buying things and loading them into the car.

Our tours may be for half a day or a full day. You will be able to organize your group so that everything is a party since you take the plane.

Besides, we have many activities, such as snorkeling, hiking, marine wildlife watching, excursions to see the sunset or to take an amusing banana boat ride. We’ll encourage you to jump into the water and feel like a child again.

Starting point

We sail from Los Sueños Resort & Marina, in Playa Herradura, only one and a half hour away from San Jose. And the only thing we allow you to bring with you is your sunscreen, some clothes (in case you need to change after swimming) and your camera. We get in charge of all the rest in Costa Cat.

We’ll navigate along the Central Pacific coast with good music and good guides who have a good knowledge on navigation, currents, maritime security, first aids, biodiversity and many shared experiences with our passengers.

We invite you to read the hundreds of messages from people that have already felt the pleasure of traveling with us and have shared their experiences in the social media.

Celebrating love

The catamaran trip is a tour for you to invite your friends and share a special celebration, such as a birthday party, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a friendship meeting, an engagement, a family or romantic meeting. At the moment of making your reservation, our guides can always help you design your trip and give you ideas to meet all your expectations.

Rediscover the Central Pacific from another perspective, sharing the joy of being together, and with all the comfort of our deluxe ships.

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Or write to us at • WhatsApp +506 8390 7070 for us to design the tour of your dreams.

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