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Snorkeling in Tortuga Island

Snorkeling, vibe in a different habitat

To soak your feet in salty water makes you feel different, imagine having the experience of diving completely and snorkeling, how it will make you feel!

A professional guide will teach you how to use all the tools and from there be ready to live an exciting experience at our Tortuga Island Tour. Discover a new world under your eyes, closer that you would believe. At the moment you put on the mask you will be able to observe the new habitat of Tortuga Island, like you see on 3D virtual scene.

The best thing is you don’t even have to pay extra. Snorkeling is one of three activities included in our One- Day Tour to Tortuga Island, and you would be able to practice this sport.

What is snorkeling?

It is the practice of diving along the water. A mask covers your eyes and a tube fits your lips to will allow you to breathe without having to take your head out of the water. Once your body gets used to breathing through the mouth and the adrenaline of seeing the first fish calms down, you can find your rhythm and have the opportunity to observe in its natural environment what this Pacific gem has to offer, without a heavy or complicated equipment, for which you need a diver formation.

In your trip with Costa Cat, you won’t even need a wetsuit. Costa Rica’s waters are always warm.

Biodiversity and marine fauna

Costa Rica is the house of range marine species and it isn’t difficult, on our way to Isla Tortuga from Playa Jaco, to see dolphins, whales, stingrays, turtles and different tropical fish.

The famous biodiversity begins to be understood when you open your eyes under the crystal clear water. Live this dream and keep the memories forever in your mind. It would be an unforgettable experience.

From spectators to activists

Costa Rica, in its current government, reaffirms the commitment to protect our waters and environment: “Not only because it is the habitat of a great variety of living beings, but also because it is a vital source of food, medicines and oxygen, without counting the impact they have on climate regulation. A good part of the planet that we will inherit in the following generations goes through the decisions we make today in front of our seas and oceans”, said Fernando Mora Rodríguez, Vice Minister of Water, Seas, Coasts and Wetlands.

Be part of our Tortuga Island Snorkeling tour,  share the experience of diving and vibe with the ocean flow.  For sure this experience you will have more sensitivity to help us to protect and care for the marine life of the planet.

How  to reserve?

Getting to Isla Tortuga from the Los Sueños Resort and Marina in Herradura takes only 45 minutes and is one day trip, which includes meals and drinks. Book directly with Costa Cat and be part of the experience.

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