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Safety in our Costa Cat Cruises

When seeking adventures for vacations, one of the main preoccupations that emerge is safety. Whether you want an individual adventure, a romantic escape or a family trip, staying safe is of first order. In this blog, we will discuss the safety of our vessels in the sea and the preparation we have in our crew to attend to different situations.

At Costa Cat Cruises we offer public and private tours to Tortuga Island and several other private tours with different offshore destinies. We work with custom-built luxury catamarans, designed to fulfill the US Coast Guard safety specifications, and our boats comply with all the requirements of the Costa Rica authorities.  Catamarans are one of the safest existing boat types because they have excellent stability, speed, surplus buoyancy, and motion comfort. Catamarans are even described by sailing experts as safe ships for ocean crossing, not just offshore sailing.

Our crew has proudly served more than 100,000 passengers since 2016. One of the main concerns of our captain, Jim Kitchell, is the safety of his passengers. The bilingual crew has been trained in the tourism industry and has knowledge of clime, biodiversity, weather fluctuations, boating, and wildlife. This way, our two boats, Costa Cat I and Costa Cat II are set to ensure a safe and luxurious experience for all passengers. With the bathrooms available on board, the refreshments, and the attentiveness of the crew, all your needs will be met in your experience with us.

This way, when you tour with our catamaran ships, you may rest assured that our qualified crew will do an excellent job sailing the boat, and the boats are of the highest quality for you to just relax and enjoy. Contact Costa Cat Cruises today and start exploring the wonders of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Ocean.

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