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Why travel to Costa Rica?

When looking for your next vacation cite, a very popular destination is Costa Rica. We will share the main reasons why tourists find Costa Rica to be one of their favorite places to go.

  • Climate

There are two seasons in Costa Rica, rainy and dry. Nonetheless, both seasons have their perks, and no matter the time of the year, the weather is around 85 F. Also, within the country there are many different eco-climates and when it is dry season on the North Pacific Coast, it is rainy season on the Caribbean.

  • Proximity to the US

Costa Rica is just a 2.5-hour flight from Miami, 5 hours from New York and 6 hours from Los Angeles. Also, many airlines offer non-stop flights.

  • Nature: Beaches, wildlife and other wonders

Costa Rica is a beautiful Central American country with 25.22% of its land as part of protected territories. This seeks to maintain the biodiversity, the wildlife and the vegetation of the country. Also, there can be no constructions 20m from the high-tide level, therefore in most beaches one may appreciate nature in the border of the sand. Its diversity allows you to go from active volcanoes like Poas Volcano or Arenal Volcano, to jungles like Drake Bay, or cloud forests like Monteverde. Costa Rica also offers the possibility to visit islands in the pacific region, like Tortuga Island, even with the comfort of catamarans that serve you foods and drinks throughout your trip.

  • Adventure tours

There are many different adventure tours, going from hiking around active volcanoes like the Arenal Volcano, to canopy in Monteverde, white water rafting in Pacuare, and snorkeling in different marine scenarios. Also, you can go explore uninhabited islands like Tortuga Island and hike in nature, snorkel in crystal clear waters, ride banana boats and enjoy sandy beaches.

  • Family-friendly fun

Many of the Costar Rican tours and restaurants offer alternatives for children, in foods, play areas or special activities for children. Kids of all ages also enjoy outdoor activities, whether in paradise beaches, volcanoes or jungles. Many all included resorts have special prices and considerations for children.

  • Pura vida style

The Costa Rica “pura vida” way of life is coherent with their friendly nature and generosity of heart, which make them good company for your trips. If you choose to share your trip with the people of Costa Rica, your trip will be one to remember.

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