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San Lucas Island: Costa Rica’s 30th National Park

San Lucas Island is located around 8km from Puntarenas, in Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Ocean, in the Gulf of Nicoya. Its area is 472 ha, with 0 to 220 MASL altitude. In 2020, it became Costa Rica’s 30th National Park, after 19 years as a wildlife reserve. This has enabled the preservation of wildlife on the island and the remains of the human occupations of the island, which have a long history.

Humans have lived on the island since pre-colonization times; archeological sites have been found to show this. Part of its history inspired several literary works because it served as one of the harshest prisons in the world in 1873-1991. From 1958 to 1991 it was reformed from a prison to an agricultural penal colony, where the brutal practices continued, although the worse of them were set aside. Only in 2001, it was transformed into a wildlife reserve.

Over 20 years of wildlife preservation have turned San Lucas Island into a privileged spot to observe and enjoy biodiversity. The island houses 40 bird species and 17 reptile species, as well as monkeys, squirrels, iguanas, agoutis and uncommon animals such as white-tailed deer.

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