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Costa Cat Catamaran - Birthday Party

Several weeks have passed since I celebrated my birthday aboard the Costa Cat and I keep sharing pictures and amazing anecdotes with my friends. I know the excitement we experienced in this trip to Isla Tortuga (Turtle Island) will last for the rest of our lives.

Straight to the heart.

After a couple of months of few outgoings and with much eagerness to share time with my loved ones, I started to think about how I’d like to celebrate my birthday.

My desire to meet up with everyone and celebrate my new decade made me start looking for different options. From meeting in a restaurant, to gather in my house, to celebrate in a party room, but it all made me feel like just another regular birthday and I wanted to make this day a special one. It was then that a friend slipped the idea of a catamaran ride and that we all go sailing together.

Immediately the image of sailing through the Gulf of Nicoya until arriving to an island with a white sand beach became irresistible.

That’s how we got in touch with Costa Cat and in a very simple way we coordinated the meals, drinks and activities that could get included in our tour.

The journey begins in Los Sueños

Since most of the guests lives in San Jose or the Greater Metropolitan Area, we only drove for an hour and a half to get to Los Sueños Resort & Marina, at Playa Herradura, from where we set sail.

The best part of hiring a world-renowned company that has already had thousands of experiences is that they work professionally not only in things related to marine safety but also customer services, entertaining and all the catering services we’d require.

We didn´t have to be buying, carrying or transporting things from one place to another, we only designed the whole plan at Costa Cat and everything worked out as I dreamed. The only thing we brought was our clothes to change after swimming, the sunscreen and the camera.

Cocktails and cheers!

From the moment we got on board the luxurious Catamaran, they greeted us with a welcome cocktail and great music. We felt very comfortable right away, admiring the entire landscape as we got further away from Playa Herradura, with all the magic of its luxurious boats, their beautiful condos and lush vegetation.

With our group we decided to visit Isla Tortuga, so 45 minutes after setting sail we were arriving and choosing different activities to do. The most adventurous ones had fun with the ups and downs of the waves while riding the banana boat in the middle of the sea, other friends decided to go hiking and reach an impressive viewpoint of the Pacific Ocean.

Lunch in Paradise

Those who have already visited Isla Tortuga might have the images of the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica imprinted in their minds. We hadn’t visited before and were impressed with the beauty that exceeds by far what´s seen in photographs.

Coordinating the group’s lunch in an uninhabited island was one of the best suggestions. What they say about the sea making you hungry, I’m not sure it´s completely true, but after so much exercise and fun, we all got together again to enjoy the best “Casado” that I ever had.

Grand finale

My birthday goal was to try to get on a board and Paddle Board (SUP) for the first time, the crew helped us to achieve it. The wide board helps a lot to keep balance and even though I fell a couple of times, the water is so warm it didn’t matter and I managed to accomplish it sooner than I thought. I had a pretty unforgettable day.

Thank you Costa Cat!!

(Melissa Pereira’s testimony, Costa Cat Passenger Aug 2021)


  • Our tours can be half or full day.
  • The excursion to Isla Tortuga includes free activities such as snorkeling, hiking and a banana boat ride.
  • Kayaks y SUPs can be rented at an extra cost.
  • We have private tours to see the sunset!

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Or write to us to • WhatsApp +506 8390 7070 so we can design your dream tour

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