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jim kitchell, captain of the costa cat cruise

Our first official blog entry! We wanted to take an opportunity to share some of our experiences with you! As Captains of Costa Cat, we have seen it all! In this section you can check out some of our ocean tales and experiences. 

I’m Captain Jim Kitchell, co-owner and operator of Costa Cat, and one of our Captains. The creation of Costa Cat has been a wild ride. It has allowed me to share my passion for boating with thousands of people from all around the world! 

I came to Costa Rica 20 years ago on a work trip. I had been captaining boats for years and it just so happened that business brought me to Costa Rica. If you live here, you understand the magic of Costa Rica. If you are coming to visit, you’ll understand once you get here! 

In 2001 I started working in the marina, here in Herradura, on various different boats. Fifteen years later, Costa Cat took it’s maiden voyage! My brother Joe and I put our heads together and spent years fundraising, designing and building the catamaran. With Joe’s knowledge of composite lightweight construction, and my boating expertise, the Costa Cat was born. 

Here we are today! I am so grateful for the journey that has lead us to where we are today and am excited to see where it takes us in the future. 

Until another day, 

Captain Jim

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