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The “COSTA CAT” is a brand new 54’ Kitchell Boatworks catamaran with the latest in marine and safety equipment.

With over 40 years combined experience as mates and captains aboard a wide range of boats, the Kitchell brothers set high standards for themselves when planning the building of the Costa Cat. The boat was built by Joe and Jim right in Herradura, Costa Rica, following U.S. Coast Guard safety requirements and exceeding Costa Rican Coast Guard requirements for a tour boat.

Joe’s experience in boat building shines through with the Costa Cat from the details you don’t see, use of the most modern composite materials and building techniques, to the ones that are obvious, such as the airplane style interior seating. Some of Joe’s other boats are in use today in Key West, Florida, the Virgin Islands, and Panama City, Panama, just to name a few.

The brothers chose the twin hull “catamarán” design for the comfortable ride and the passenger space it allows. The extra space translates into ample under cover air conditioned seating and outside open air seating for the sun followers. Large windows on both sides and across the front allow passengers opting for an air conditioned ride plenty of visibility to see the local marine life that reside in the waters of the Pacific on the ride to and from Isla Tortuga.

Joe and Jim built the COSTA CAT with their passengers safety and comfort in mind first and foremost.