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The Top 5 of the Central Pacific of Costa Rica

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Are you planning your trip to Costa Rica and don’t know what you would like to see in the Central Pacific? Here are five incredible options in the Central Pacific that will show you the natural and cultural wonders of this region of Costa Rica, so you can enjoy the Pura Vida style.

1. The Manuel Antonio National Park

The Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most visited in the country. It is located in the mountainous part of the Pacific, it has trails in the forest and access to beaches within the nature reserve that have white sand and emerald waters. It is an excellent walk to observe the flora and fauna of the region. In addition, the town outside the park has a wide variety of hotels and restaurants. The beaches outside the park are also wide and beautiful places to spend the day and watch the sunset.

2. Tortuga Island

Tortuga Island is a protected area located 12 nautical miles from Puntarenas. It is made up of two small islands very close to each other, with beautiful beaches. Its name is due to the fact that from a distance in the sea it looks like quelonios, which means turtle in the Huetar language, the language of the native people who populated part of the Central Pacific. An excellent way to visit it is with the Isla Tortuga Tour offered by Costa Cat Cruises, which includes round-trip transportation aboard a catamaran, with breakfast, lunch and drinks throughout the day. This tour leaves from the Marina los Sueños in Playa Herradura.

3. Jacó City

The city of Jacó offers a city in a beach area. It has all the services, a wide variety of hotels and restaurants with cuisine from different parts of the world. It has an active nightlife, also offering different options of bars and places to go out dancing. In addition, this beach is known for its waves, as they are ideal for surfing. Jacó is an excellent access road to national parks.

4. The Carara National Park

The Carara National Park has the only transitional forest in the Central Pacific, where species from dry and humid forests converge. This means an enormous diversity in flora and fauna. It is a wonderful place for bird watching, being possible to see endangered birds such as the scarlet macaw (ara macao) in their natural habitat. Endemic tree species can also be seen. There are different tours you can take or simply hike the trails through the forest with these unique qualities.

5. Playa Herradura

Playa Herradura gets its name from its bay shape. It is a long beach of dark sand with emerald water. At one end of the beach is the Marina Los Sueños, with an internationally recognized resort and golf course. The Marina is also recognized for being luxurious and for the sport fishing on the high seas. At the other end is Isla Herradura, which is a natural refuge for various species of seabirds. From Herradura, it is also possible to hire horseback tours, canopy tours, ATV tours, trips to waterfalls in the region, etc.

Do not hesitate, the Central Pacific of Costa Rica awaits you!

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