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When to visit Tortuga Island: Know the weather

Tortuga Island Weather

If you want to visit Tortuga Island in Costa Rica, it is important to know the characteristics of the weather of each season so that you know the advantages and disadvantages of each moment and yo know what to expect. Read on to find out when to take the Isla Tortuga tour with Costa Cat Cruises.

To begin with, Costa Rica is located in the tropical zone, making its ecological environment a tropical environment. However, the height, the relief, the influence of the ocean and the fact that it is an isthmus give specific characteristics to each area, specifically the Caribbean and the Pacific. Tortuga Island is located in the Central Pacific.

The climate in the Central Pacific has two clear seasons: dry and rainy. The dry season extends from December to March. April is a month of transition, with March being the driest month with the highest temperatures. The rainy season goes from March to November, December is a transition month. In general, the temperature ranges between 22.7 C and 31 C. It is important to clarify that the transition months are just that, therefore, the weather is a bit unpredictable.

Each season presents its benefits to travel to this region of Costa Rica, specifically to take a catamaran to Isla Tortuga. It all depends on what you are looking for. In the dry season, there will be sun every day. Also, if what you want is to get to know life under the sea, the dry season will have less choppy and clearer waters to be able to snorkel and appreciate the underwater world. The “buts” of the dry season are that there will be more people, the forests are dry, even those that are protected areas, and prices are higher.

By taking a tour with Costa Cat Cruises in the rainy season, you will be able to appreciate the exuberant Costa Rican nature when it is greenest. When it rains, flora and fauna thrive in the forests. If you want to relax with the intense green of nature, this could be an interesting season you. Also, the best months to see whales are in this season (July to November). In addition, there are fewer people and prices drop, as it is known as the low tourist season.

So, don’t think about it anymore, be it in the rainy season, be it in the dry season, the experience of a Tour to Isla Tortuga on a catamaran is always unforgettable. Choose your preference and book now!

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