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From a prison to a paradise, get to know the San Lucas Island National Park

San Lucas Island - Costa Cat

Costa Cat Cruises invites you to a journey through a paradise that presents not only a natural wonder but also a historical journey. We are talking about San Lucas Island, located in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, 8 km from Puntarenas. Today, it is a national park of 500 hectares that houses a great diversity of flora and fauna. However, between 1873 and 1901, the island was home to one of the darkest prisons, a place where human rights were systematically violated in Costa Rica.

The Island is known for the novel La Isla de los Hombres Solos, written by a great Costa Rican writer José León Sánchez, who was unjustly imprisoned for 19 years in this place. Visiting the ruins of what was once this prison, you can see firsthand the messages left on the walls by those who were once imprisoned there. There are drawings, texts, paintings, songs and poems. With your visit, you may get to know the history of those who one day had their lives trapped in this place.

The Island, once known as the Devil’s Island, also presents a space for nature conservation, where it is possible to see howler monkeys, spiders, squirrels, armadillos, pheasants, deer, bats, raccoons and birds in their natural habitat. While walking through trails surrounded by forest, you can hear the coming and going of the ocean waves that surround the island.

Our private tour to San Lucas Island allows you a trip to Costa Rica’s past while enjoying nature. Departing from Los Sueños Marina in Herradura, you will enjoy a trip on our catamaran to the island in total comfort. Leaving at 9:30 am we return to the marina at 4 pm. Throughout the day you will have water and soft drinks available, as well as rum punch. Lunch will be served on the boat or on the island. We offer bilingual guides, among other amenities. Without a doubt, our San Lucas Island tour presents a unique experience!

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