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10 tips for traveling to Costa Rica

1. Time of the year to travel:

Costa Rica is a tropical country with two seasons: rainy (May to November) and dry (November to April). Both seasons have their benefits, however, it is important to modify your travel itinerary and clothing depending on the weather.

2. What language is spoken in Costa Rica?

Spanish is spoken in Costa Rica, but there are many Costa Ricanisms: Tuanis and pura vida are just two of them! It is important to review the local sayings to be sure you understand what they are saying. Also, many people speak English, especially those who work in tourism.

3. Water

A peculiarity of Costa Rica is that tap water is safe and drinkable. You don’t have to spend your money on water bottles; if you bring a reusable bottle, you can even help the environment!

4. Safety

Costa Rica is generally a safe country. However, it is important to have some safety rules. Staying in the central areas and asking the locals about the region’s safety can help you avoid problems. Also, do not walk in lonely areas, especially at night. If you are going to explore the capital, carry your belongings in front of you. Also, always carry a copy of your passport and the page with the entry stamp.

5. About $$

Most businesses accept payment in dollars, even though the local currency is the colón. If you want to change dollars, do it in a bank or in official exchange houses.

6. Gastronomy in Costa Rica

Lunch is the main meal, the typical casado comes with rice, black beans, picadillo, a protein and salad. However, do not miss the gallo pinto, typical breakfast and corn delicacies such as tortillas, biscochos or tamales. In the cities, you will usually find international food options as well.

7. About clothing and footwear

Take appropriate clothing for your plans. Remember that the temperature can drop quite a bit in the mountains, although there is no snow. Adequate shoes can make a huge difference in your trip.

8. About phones and Wi-Fi

Unlocked phones work in Costa Rica, but you can also buy a pre-paid chip in any of the telephone agencies.

9. What kind of car to rent in Costa Rica

To travel in Costa Rica, you can use tours, you can use public transportation or you can rent a car. If your plans are to leave the central valley, we recommend a 4×4 to facilitate your trip.

10. There are wonderful tours to get to know the country

There are many travel agencies that can sell you tours to visit the volcanoes and national parks of Costa Rica. You can go from one ecosystem to another in a few hours and enjoy the wonders of this small country.

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